Compressor Cost – Calculating the Life Cycle Cost of Your Compressor in Nashville, Cookeville, Franklin, Chattanooga, and All Across Eastern Tennessee

When considering a new or used compressed air system, the initial compressor cost is usually foremost on the mind of the buyer. The thought of writing a large check isn’t popular with most anyone, however, if a compressor is hastily purchased and isn’t the best compressor for your particular job applications, it may only be the first of many large checks – most of them unnecessary.  A compressor working outside of its ideal operating pressure to complete everyday tasks is not efficient compressor use, and can cost you much more than what you save on buying simply the machine with the lowest compressor cost and most inexpensive compressor installation cost.

Many factors need to be considered to truly understand the life cycle cost of a compressor. These variables include:

  • Cost of equipment: This includes the compressor cost itself, fittings, hoses, pneumatic tools, regulators, filters, dryers, receiver tanks, oil, and any other system components. The more specialized the application, the more these costs may rise.
  • Cost of Installation: The compressor installation cost will vary by the size, make, and model of compressor as well as the workplace conditions into which the system will be installed.
  • Energy Consumption: This should be calculated at the median range of optimal efficiency.
  • Costs of maintenance: This includes regularly scheduled maintenance, replacement filters, fittings, and more, condensate and other waste removal, and an allotment for the unforeseen replacement of heavily used system parts.

compressor costTaking all of these factors into account, it is easy to see why the proper compressor for your specific job needs should be taken very seriously. A machine, whether reciprocating or rotary screw, that operates at the proper hp with the required air quality will keep all of the costs above within their calculated ranges. The wrong compressor operating below or above its intended use or doesn’t have proper filtration can decrease compressor efficiency and cause those figures to skyrocket. Everyone would like to spend less, but when it comes to compressor cost, it is best to find an affordable, efficient compressor from a brand name, renowned for quality craftsmanship. A&W Compressor is Tennessee’s trusted source for comprehensive compressed air services from sales to maintenance to rental and more. Let us help you find the right compressor for your business the first time, so you can save money for a long time to come.

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