Compressed Air Dryer for Tennessee Companies in Nashville, Bristol, Knoxville, Cookeville, Franklin, and all across eastern Tennessee

From operating room procedures to industrial factory uses, compressors are versatile machines that can be modified and utilized in fields of all kinds. A compressed air dryer can help a Tennessee business, particularly one in the medical, electrical, or food processing field, that requires clean air output from their compressor without moisture and the contaminants that can be located within water molecules.  There are many compressed air dryer options, and some dryers may be more suited to a particular application.

compressed air dryer tennesseeA&W Compressor carries virtually all types of air dryers, including:

  • Refrigerated – removes water vapor before entering the compressor by using Freon to cool air to its dew point
  • Desiccant – removes water vapor by using a porous desiccant, such as silica gel or activated alumina
  • Membrane – removes water vapor through a gas-separation membrane
  • Deliquescent – removes water vapor through the use of absorbent chemicals under pressure
  • And more

The benefits of a compressed air dryer for your Tennessee auto body shop or dental office don’t stop at high-quality air output; an air dryer also removes moisture from your machine that can cause internal corrosion and more operational issues, which can lead to lower efficiency and costly repairs.

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