Compressed Air Audit Services in Knoxville, Nashville, and Beyond Help You Save Serious Money

Known throughout Tennessee for our excellent customer service and fast, reliable repairs, A & W Compressor is proud to provide our customers with compressed air audit services. Imagine finding out that you could save $20 a month on your company’s power bill. What about $100? $1000? If you have a leaky compressor system, you could be spending hundreds of dollars more than you have to. Wasted air means the compressor system has to run longer, sucking up more energy and making your bills skyrocket. A compressed air audit from A & W Compressor can not only examine your system, including piping, for leaks, but also identify where those leaks exist, how to fix them, and even how much money you can save.

Compressed Air Audit for Tennessee BusinessesOur compressed air audit has three main steps:

  1. A & W Compressor will send one of our highly trained, certified technicians to your facility. This technician will ask some questions to figure out your main concerns, whether it’s a fast-rising energy bill or simply the efficacy of your system.
  2. The tech utilizes precise monitoring equipment to log data from your existing air system. This data includes pressure, temperature, flow, kW, amperage, etc.
  3. After reviewing the data, a detailed engineering report will be generated and evaluated. Using this data, we provide you with a personal engineering report to clearly and precisely display the results of the compressed air audit, as well list recommendations to increase efficiency. The report not only lists potential trouble spots with the existing system, but it proves, with quantifiable data, how much money you would save if you followed our recommendations.

Take advantage of our compressed air audit services today. Call or e-mail A & W Compressor today to find out more about how a compressed air audit can potentially save you thousands on your energy bills. Our full-service compressor house is proud to be authorized dealers of many top compressors and provide compressor services for the state of Tennessee from Mountain City to Nashville and everywhere in between.