Clean Compressed Air – The Importance of Air Purity for Medical, Electronics, and Food Processing Operations in Franklin, Nashville, Maynardville, Knoxville, and Beyond

clean compressed airCompressed air and pneumatic technology have come a long way since the first reciprocating, piston, compressors used primarily for inflation. The power and nearly unlimited functionality of compressed air has made it an invaluable component of everyday operations in industries producing anything from pharmaceuticals to semiconductors. With the expansion of air compressors into industries of all kinds, comes the need for clean compressed air for industries like medicine, electronics, and food processing, in which contamination could be a serious detriment to the proper functioning of products or even human health. For these industries, many steps can be taken for cleaning compressed air to ensure highly specified, clean air output to better ensure the safety and quality of products.

For industries such as electronics, which need clean compressed air that must be very dry as to not be corrosive or cause the malfunctioning of wires, circuit boards, and other elements, a good place to start is an oil free compressor. Oil free compressors do not splash lubricate and ensure oil never comes in contact with the compressed air product. This eliminates oil from the air, but there is still water present in compressed air, just like in all ambient air. Compressing air, also compresses water, which causes vapor and droplets, which in turn compromises clean compressed air output. A compressed air dryer can be used in conjunction with an oil free compressor to remove water. A few methods of compressed air drying are available to compressor users; a refrigerated dryer removes moisture by freezing it to its dew point for removal. A desiccant dryer uses a chemical, such as silica gel, to dry air.

Medical, dental, and food processing applications may also utilize an oil free compressor and a compressed air dryer to achieve clean compressed air free of oil and water, but these industries must also use specialized compressed air filters to ensure the air is clean at a molecular level. A particulate filter is used to remove particles of dust and dirt, and bacteria from a compressor. Coalescing filters go even further by filtering out harmful, minute chemicals, such as aerosols, down to 1 micron.

All of these advancements in the treatment of compressor output have lead to higher levels of clean compressed air than ever before to accommodate a wide range of specialized industries. Whether you own a dental practice in Bristol or a manufacturing plant in Cookeville, A&W Compressor has the oil less compressors, compressed air filters and dryers, and more to ensure clean compressed air for your operations.

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