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When you want the highest level of performance from your compressor or compressed air system for your Knoxville, Tennessee, operations, you need air dryers from A&W Compressor. Prolonging the life of your machinery and reducing the need for repair, air dryers can also increase the longevity of your pneumatic tools. By keeping moisture out of the air that runs through your compressor system, air dryers also eliminate the corrosion that results from moisture and the debris contained within and carried by it.

There are a few main types of air dryers:

Refrigerate Air Dryer

A refrigerated air dryer is an important part of any compressed air system. This is because refrigerated air dryers lessen the amount of contaminants in your overall air output, and this can prolong the longevity of your compressor. What’s more, refrigerated air dryers have the ability to cool air to its dew point, allowing accumulated water droplets to drain. By reducing moisture in your compressor, you are also reducing the likelihood of rust and corrosion developing—another way to extend the lifespan of your machine.

Desiccant Air Dryer

A desiccant air dryer is an economical choice, as it is capable of drying compressed air for all applications that involve the use of gas that has a low dew point. A majority of compressors utilize a refrigerated air dryer that can cool air and eliminate water droplet buildup. Additionally, a desiccant air dryer uses a chemical compound based on either activated alumina or silica gel, as opposed to refrigerant, to collect moisture from the air, which is why it can be used to take moisture out of gas that does not easily cool down to its dew point.

Compressed Air Dryer

A compressed air dryer prevents moisture and dust particles from collecting in your compressors, as well as connection pipes, attached air hoses, and tools. This will help extend the life of your equipment and mitigate the chances of unwanted damage and repair expenses.

Regenerative Dryers

With industrial applications, water vapor located in compressed air equipment can result in untimely failure, corrosion, and frozen air lines, as well as other operational issues. A regenerative air dryer purifies compressed air by collecting unwanted moisture. Compressed air is dried, eliminating the risk of condensation or corrosion, while moisture passes through a drying agent, which results in complete absorption.

Membrane Dryers

Membrane dryers eliminate water vapor from compressed air. As the compressed air travels over the membrane, water vapor is collected and then passes through the opposite side of the dryer, where a dry cover gas absorbs all of the moisture. Membrane dryers are also known for producing low dew points, making them practical for a variety of applications.

New and Used Options

We offer both new and used options. This enables business owners to fully invest in untouched equipment, or to opt for a more economical approach by acquiring used air dryers. This is prudent, as our used dryers are in good shape and listed at a more affordable price point.

Additionally, we have ambient air pumpsCO alarms and monitors, and industrial vacuum systems available.

Call or e-mail A&W Compressor today for more information on all our air dryers and other accessories. We’ll be happy to consult with on the right air dryer for your needs whether you’re in Maryville, Cookeville, Mountain City, Bristol, or anywhere else in eastern or central Tennessee.

“A&W is the finest compressor company I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They truly care about their employees and customers and do all they can to make sure everyone is beyond happy with the services they provide. ”

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“A&W is the finest compressor company I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They truly care about their employees and customers and do all they can to make sure everyone is beyond happy with the services they provide. They also have a extensive background and massive amounts of knowledge in the field, as well as doing their upmost to make sure customers never break down. But when a customer does have a issue they immediately make them top priority to get them running as quickly as possible. If you need quality service, new equipment or anything else, this is the company to call!”

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